Students and Staff  of the Centre for Designer Quantum Materials in St Andrews

PhD Students

Cohort 1:

Olivia Armitage
Izidor Benedicic
Brendan Edwards
Maximilian Kögl
Oli Lee
Liam Trzaska
Anđela Živanović
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Cohort 2:

Tobias Boorman
Joe Crossley
Daniel Forbes
Piper Fowler Wright
Kerry McMahon
Anindya Paul
Ewan Scougall
Gesa Siemann
Daniel Sung
Shaoyang Wang
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The supervisors affiliated to QM-CDT are shown below. Click on the photo to be directed to the relevant research group webpage, or see here for research projects that are open for application. Interested students are welcome to contact prospective supervisors directly, before going through the formal application procedure to the Centre. Note that, due to the high competition for places, acceptance in principle to the group of a supervisor is not a guarantee of an offer from the Centre. See here for details on how to apply to the Centre.

Prof Sharon Ashbrook
Dr Bernd Braunecker
Prof Malte Gather
Dr Alex Gibbs
Dr Chris Hooley
Prof John Irvine
Dr Lethy Jagadamma
Dr Jonathan Keeling
Prof Phil King
Prof Steve Lee
Dr Brendon Lovett
Dr Janet Lovett
Dr Finlay Morrison
Dr Hamid Ohadi
Dr Andreas Rost
Prof Ifor Samuel
Dr Renald Schaub
Prof Graham Smith
Prof Peter Wahl
Dr Eli Zysman-Colman
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Management Team
Prof Sharon Ashbrook
Dr Chris Hooley
Prof Phil King
Dr Finlay Morrison
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