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Initial training

All incoming students undertake an initial 1-week bespoke training course covering ‘Physics for Chemists’, ‘Chemistry for Physicists’, ‘Synthesis and Probes of Advanced Materials’ and ‘Theoretical and Computational Tools for the Solid State’, providing the foundations of a broad understanding of the research area, fostering collaboration between theorists and experimentalists, and including initial skills training. 

Taught Courses

QM-CDT students complete 30 credits worth of additional specialist lecture courses, ensuring that all students receive a thorough graduate education. Current courses available include:

  • Modern Topics in Condensed Matter Physics

  • Quantum Field Theory

  • Response Functions

  • Additional modules offered via the SUPA graduate school

Where relevant, courses offered by external partners, such as UK Central Facilities, can also be awarded credit, as well as attendance at relevant external summer schools.

Additional Training

Additional core training will include bespoke workshops which will provide practical training in research and innovation,data management, public engagement, and entrepreneurship, as well as careers and industry engagement events. Each QM-CDT student also undertakes thirty days’ worth of transferable skills training for professional development, while there are additional opportunities to undertake a placement with one of our partners, in addition to the PhD studies. Research training is offered directly from our team of research supervisors.

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