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Centre for Designer Quantum Materials

From understanding to control

University of St Andrews

Quantum materials exhibit a wide range of stunning, and potentially extremely useful, physical properties. From high-temperature superconductivity to exotic topologically ordered states, understanding the physics underpinning quantum materials is a frontier research challenge of modern condensed matter and materials physics, while learning to control their quantum many-body states and phases could ultimately deliver a step change in functionality for new technologies.

The Centre for Designer Quantum Materials is a unique research centre in the UK, focussed on understanding and engineering the properties of quantum materials. Based in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of St Andrews, we combine atomic-scale materials synthesis with state-of-the art spectroscopic and thermodynamic probes and theoretical modelling. Find out more about our Research and Facilities, how you can work with us, and about the Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Materials. We also have a more general introduction to what we do for non-scientists.

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